What is the famous city of Trabzon Rize Kars ?

Foods and drinks that we can enjoy while living in Trabzon – what is Trabzon famous for? What is the famous city of trabzon rize kars ?

Is living in Trabzon really a lucky situation why? Because there are beautiful and different tastes that you can taste there, as well as natural places to visit and wonderful views, such as Sumela Monastery or Uzun Lake. Then what about the unique greenery of their village? don’t people like green?

Apart from these, there are also dishes that can benefit from nearby provinces, such as Kars Kasar Rize Rice Pudding .. Since Kars is close, all of the famous things of Kars province that grows here are in Trabzon. can drink. Tea, which is really nice, is not available in other places, we usually buy powdered tea from the markets and it tastes like straw at all, but we have to drink it, whereas those living in Trabzon can also benefit from Rize’s beautiful teas. Trabzon is a city that dominates all of these things. So I think that the king of the city to live in Turkey.

Let me also say that I am from 7 belly Istanbul. However, neither meat, milk, vegetable nor fruit has any taste anymore in the Marmara and Aegean regions. Everything has an artificial, that’s why people envy those who live there when they see the famous things of Trabzon.

Now let’s examine all the foods that can benefit from Trabzon’s famous and environmental provinces:

What is Trabzon famous for

1-Fish Types – Envai variety of fish in Trabzon:

What is Trabzon famous for? Freshness of all kinds of fish is not available in Trabzon? Thanks to the Black Sea, all fresh fish from anchovies, Salmon, Mullet, to Barbecu are always available in Trabzon. As if these were not enough, there are also trout facilities in Maçka, and let them cook the trout you want in pure butter on the greenery in the countryside and give it to you.

Speaking of fish, let’s count the anchovies! I counted exactly 21 types:

Anchovy pan – steamed anchovies – anchovy soup – anchovy diblesi – anchovy stuffed – anchovy sour – anchovy casserole – baked anchovy – anchovy patties – anchovy bird – anchovy pancake – wrapped anchovy – rice with anchovy – anchovies with anchovies – anchovies with vegetables – anchovies with vegetables – baked bulgur anchovies – anchovies dessert – salting anchovies – anchovies on tiles – cracked anchovies

2-Trabzon Pita – also called Black Sea Pita

The secret of this pita is the nutshell burned in the oven and the butter used when you hold the Trabzon pita at one end and the other end is in the air. In addition to the crispy pita, you can also enjoy the pita with pure butter after rubbing the butter in it and on the sides.

3-Rice Pudding – The Famous Rice Pudding of Hamsiköy

Trabzon’s Maçka district which is connected to the rich plant Hamsikoy cooked in the oven with high-quality milk from cows fed all the flora in Trabzon, Turkey is the most beautiful rice pudding sold.

4-Butter – Fragrant Halis Trabzon Butter

what is the famous city of trabzon rize kars
Trabzon village butter

What is Trabzon famous for? Occurs due to the quality of Trabzon, Turkey is the best quality butter butter milk. It is famous for pilaf made from butter. The historical Kalkanoğlu Pilaf seller has been making pilaf for years. Centuries ago, the sultan there ate this pilaf and said that my people should taste this super flavor and the historical pilaf restaurant was established. They give the rice by weighing it, and the compote with apricot and grapes is a great flavor.

5-Akçaabat Meatballs – A Famous and Super Delicious Meatball

It is very difficult to make it elsewhere since it is made by adding garlic, oil and trabzon bread to Akçaabat Meatballs made from Trabzon’s meat. You cannot get enough of the meatballs served with grilled pepper and blarney.

6-Kuymak or Mıhlama – So a Flavor with Corn Flour and Cheese with Milk and Butter

It is made with the addition of cheese and milk to the corn flour, also known as the Mihlama Trabzon Cheese, which is made with the wire cheese. Does it taste like? It wouldn’t be a lie if I say super beyond.

7-Concrete Halva – Other Name Halva:

The concrete halva, which is cooled on the marble table after it is made, tastes very good. You can also eat wafer and wafer ice cream in halvah restaurants.

8-Stuffed Kale Stuffed Grape Leaves – Kale

The stuffed grape leaves we know are wrapped with black cabbage, and in my opinion, it is 10 times more delicious than the grape leaves, ie vine leaves, if you ask me, I would definitely recommend the black cabbage wrap.

9-Kale Meal

You should definitely try the black cabbage dish, which is a very nutritious and delicious meal made from corn flour, kidney beans and corn grains.

10-Laz Pastry Dessert:

Laz pastry, which is known as Galaktoboureko in Greece, is a dessert with pudding. Don’t be afraid of its name being börek, the pastry filled with black pepper pudding is drizzled over the pastry. Baklava is a light dessert and heavier, you can compare it accordingly.

11-Slippery So A Kind of Omelette:

Prepared as an aperitif before meals, Kayganan contains eggs and yogurt in the dough. Kaygana made with butter contains corn flour, scallions, chard, parsley and salted anchovies.

Chard leaf slippery

-Fresh Onion Butter

-Tomara (comara) Butter

-Carbar Leaf Slipper

-Zimilange Leaf Slipper

Sorrel Slippery

Pickled Chickens

-Fresh Potato Leaf Butter

12-Corn Bread:

It is a wonderfully delicious bread made from corn flour, which even tastes good, even from cake. You can also eat it dry if you want. Corn bread is very nutritious as it is made from milk and yogurt.

13-Burma Sweet – Lighter than Baklava

Made with Trabzon butter unique to Trabzon, the dessert is called a burma dessert. Its taste is very delicious due to its pure butter.


There is nothing to say about the taste of cream produced from Trabzon’s exclusive milk.

15 – Pickled Beans:

Pickled beans made with green beans, garlic and rock salt is a food unique to Trabzon region.

I think Trabzon’s only problem is air pollution in Trabzon, when this improves, it will be number 1.


What is the famous city of Kars

Products of Kars province are available in Trabzon. What are these Kars products:

What Is Karsin Famous – What Is Kars Famous?

1-Kars Cheese:

Kars Kashar cheese, which is one of the few tastes of the world, which can be consumed in the morning and even roasted in the evening.

2-Kars Goose Meat:

The taste of the meat of Kars goose is different. The meat of geese grown everywhere cannot be as delicious as kars goose meat.

3-Kars Ketch:

Kars Ketesi is a pastry with a very different and wonderful taste. It is generally preferred for breakfast, but you can eat the Famous Kars Ketesi at any time of the day.

4-Hangel Dough Boiling:

After the dough, which is opened very thin, is boiled in hot water, yogurt is added on it. Then, roasted onions are added while serving. The most king Kayseri mantı takes stones and is capable of competing with any kind of ravioli.

5-Kars Pastry:

Kars Pastry, made with the famous Kars Cheddar, has an excellent taste due to the gruyere cheese it contains.

6-Kars Katmer:

The fermented dough is rolled into a dough and prepared by applying oil in 5 layers. This is called katmer. Its flavor is beyond wonderful.

What is the famous city of Rize

What is Rize’s Famous – What is Rize’s Famous?

1-Rize Tea

It had been years since I had a really delicious tea, and I forgot the taste of tea until I recently drank the tea brought by our neighbor from Rize. I drank the tea and said that I will not buy tea from the market again, and now I must definitely bring the tea from Rize and drink it. Friends, there is real tea in Rize, but unfortunately, the teas on the shelves of markets in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, etc. are just powder. Here, if you live in Trabzon, you have the chance to drink Rize tea as it is close to Rize.

2-Rize Roast:

Rize roast, which bites the fingers of the eater, is also available in Trabzon.

3-Rize Rice Pudding:

Rize rice pudding, which bites the fingers of those who eat like roasting, is also available in Trabzon.

3-Pepeçura Dessert:

This delicious dessert prepared with grape paste is also available in Trabzon.

4-Rize Buoy:

We cannot get enough of the taste of the Rize-specific Turkish bagel cooked in wood fire.

5-Anzer Honey – Famous World’s Most Beautiful Honey

Anzer Honey is a product of Rize, produced by bees fed by a rich flora consisting of various plants in Rize.

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