What is Hip Hop Music Genre ?

hip hop music
hip hop music genre
What is Hip Hop Music Genre

Where and how did the Hip Hop music genre emerge?

Hip-hop, a culture created by African American citizens in the 1970s, was not limited to only one field, but reflected and adopted its style in many areas such as dance and fashion. This culture, which has been adopted over time, has expanded to the present day.Hip hop music is good music.

Hip-Hop is a subculture and popular culture that was born in the Bronx and Brooklyne districts of New York in the 70’s and has become a lifestyle for American youth. Hip-Hop culture, born from districts with very low income, education and culture levels, is also seen as a reaction to the system.


West Coast Hip Hop: Born in the western region of the United States, it is a subgenre of hip hop music. Its foundations were laid in California in the early 1980s. Gangsta rap and G-funk are predominant. Prostitutes talk about issues such as money, weapon, drug use and describe the difficulties of living standards. Most importantly, as in every rap, experience is at the forefront. NWA is the leading band of West Coast Hip Hop in the 1990s.

East Coast Hip Hop: It is a sub-genre of hip hop music born in the New York City region of the USA in the 1970s and its surroundings. It is a style created over time by rap artists who come from different regions to the area that covers the eastern part of the United States. Apart from the simple rhyme style old school style, “East Cost” is a style that is mostly based on lyrical skills. Polysyllabic rhymes, complex pun, continuous and free-flowing delivery are also characterized by complex metaphors. In East Coast Hip Hop, the artist does not have a decent vocal talent, but requires an aggressive emphasis trend. In groups such as Public Enemy and EPMD, this is an example. In addition, his lyrical skills are quite strong in bands and artists such as Eric B. & Rakim, Boogie Down Productions, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick.


It is the music of Hip hop culture born in the black ghettos of New York in the early 1970s. Although rap is known as an abbreviation of “Rhytm And Poem” (“Rhytm And Poem” or “Rhytmic Poetry”) or “Rhytmic African Poetry” (Rhytmic African Poetry), in fact, Rap means “heavy criticism” in English and “and” The word is never symbolized by the letter “a” in abbreviations (&, n, N) [Rock n Roll, R&B, P&G]. Rap is one of the four main elements in hip hop culture, where the street style and harsh words are predominant, adapted to the tempo and rhythm of the music and accompanied by a beat.

MC / Rapper: It stands for “Master of Ceremony (master of ceremony)”. In rap music, people who write the lyrics, sing the song, determine the rap style, and adapt the bass and rhythm settings to the music are called MC. MC is divided into groups based on departments and their work. MC: He is a soloist, sings and convicted of editing rap style.

Diss: The songs that rappers write and sing in order to reproach each other in rap music.

Acapella: It is called improvisation and live performances in rap music.

Cypher: Several MCs coming together live, each reading their own parts.


A dance type belonging to hip hop culture, also known as “street dance”. Break girl dancers are called b-girl, boys are called b-boy.


They are pictures and writings drawn with spray paints on walls, trains and especially on the streets. Turkey, Istanbul / Kadikoy in this style often seen as recently Karsiyaka of Izmir and Ankara is located in Yenimahalle district.

Writer: It means “writer” in Turkish. In Graffiti, which is a branch of hip hop culture, it is the term used for graffiti writers. Since graffiti is street art, writers are also street artists.


It stands for Disk Jockey. The person in charge of controlling the flow of music, choosing the track and adapting the transition between tracks.

Beat: It is the basis of the rap song. Beat is the background to the Rap song but also guides the MC on how to rap (speed, voice, technique). Beat is the character and feel of the song. It is also considered as the infrastructure of music.

BeatBox: The art of manually vocalizing the beat with a human voice.



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