What is Discord? How to Install Discord on a Computer?

How to use discord ?
what is discord ? How to use?

What is Discord? Discort is an application created for gamers with in-game communication, correspondence, audio and video communication and screen sharing features.

Discort is a communication program made by Jason Citron who wants to make a breakthrough in video games by realizing the difficulty of communicating with each other.

With Diskord, both audio and video communication can be established and the screen image can be sent to the other person.

Discord release date May 2015

Jason Citron released this application in May 2015. Jason Citron reported that Discort will be developed and edited for all types of communities, not just gamers.

Is Discord Paid?

You can use the Discort application for free. You can open a channel for yourself, invite your friends here and make audio video conferences.

What is Discord? or What Not?

Discord is not a game, it allows people who play the game to communicate with each other.

When you register on Discord, a confirmation link is sent to the e-mail address you will write while registering. When you click this link, your registration process is completed. Registration is quite easy.

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