New features coming with Pubg Mobile Ancient Secret Pharaoh Mode

pubg mobile oyunu firavun mode nerede
pubg mobile oyunu firavun mode nerede

Pubg Mobile Ancient Secret mode

Pubg pharaoh ancient mystery mode is only available on the Miramar and Erranger maps. What are the new features that come with this Pharaoh mystery mode?what is Pubg Mobile Ancient Secret ?

pubg mobile ancient secret
pubg pharaoh curse ancient mystery new mode

New features in Pubg Pharaoh mode – Pubg Mobile Ancient Secret

In this mode, 3 temples that are positioned in a triangular shape appear on the map, which is quite far from each other, and they take off in a short time like 2-3 minutes after the game starts. During this time, before the temples take off, most players try to survive until they enter and take off. Some players try to survive in the temple by fighting, others by hiding. If you can land on the top of the temple after jumping from the plane, nobody can kill you because there is no weapon there, but the only way is to fight with a fist and kill the opponent.

Where are the pubg flying temples going?

pubg mobile ancient secret fly
Pharaoh-Curse pubg map

The temples navigate in random locations within the shrinking game map and destroy themselves after a certain period of time. If you can solve puzzles without the temples self-destruct, or if you can fight and defeat the abbot, you will earn gifts.

Roof of the Temple in Pubg Pharaoh

pubg mobile ancient secret roof
pubg temple mode

Those who prefer to hide on the roof of the temple and wait for the below to kill each other, after the temple takes off, they come down when they think that there is no one alive below and they do what can be done while the temple is in the air.

What can be done in Pubg Temple?

pubg mobile ancient secret -6
pubg temple mode

There are various puzzles in the rooms of the temple. If you can solve these puzzles, the golden chest in the room opens and Akm M416 style gifts come out. If you can go upstairs with the rooms and kill the priestess with a serpent without wasting time, then the big chest there is opened and you get the original gifts like Awm, Groza etc.

What should we do when the temple is in the air?

After earning the gifts, you can jump anywhere you want from the temple, it is impossible for you to crash on your back with your parachute all the time.

Pubg Mobile Little Ruins

pubg ruins new mode season 14

Another new feature is coming with the new temple ancient mystery add-on in the pubg mobile game. This means that there are small gold ruins in many parts of the map.If you enter them, you will see that there are important weapons and ammunition such as M416, M4,6x binoculars, and each of these small ruins has a puzzle. weapons come out.

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