Playing with a Cute Kitten

cute kitten
cute kitten

Hello, I played with our very cute kitten, it is very fun to tease him, he loves to play games. Playing with the cat makes you feel very comfortable. Do you want to play with cute kittens?

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Development in kittens:

Sense of Vision:

It takes up to four weeks for a kitten’s vision and associated behavior (spatial perception) to fully develop.

Cute Kitten guide:

The puppyhood period of the cat is very important for its owner, it includes the times when he can give training using the rewards.

It’s a huge change for both of you when you bring your kitten home for the first time. You can make the process easier by doing a few simple preparations before the big day. For example, you can arrange the food bowl, toilet and garden of the house accordingly.

The first few weeks of adopting and adopting a kitten can be challenging, albeit exciting. By having the right tools and knowledge, you can ensure that this first experience with your new pet is a positive experience for them and you.

Finding a beautiful name for your kitten is one of the other factors that will keep you attached to her throughout her life. So please think carefully and choose a good name.

Nutrition in Kittens:

From the moment the cute kitten comes to your home, its feeding responsibility belongs to you. You have to be careful and investigative for this. For example, drinking milk causes diarrhea and you can give diluted milk if you have to. I recommend using quality cat food, cheap food can cause cats to rot their kidneys and die. You should not neglect dry food, it is very important for dental health. If you have the opportunity, buy fresh food or you can cook and mash some vegetables yourself and make wet food in chicken and broth.

Just as cats got used to feeding when they were young, unfortunately, it goes that way throughout life. For example, unfortunately, I cannot feed my cat cooked meat, chicken and fish. It is necessary to give small cooked meat and chicken little by little.

Actually, you give it when you are little, both meat and fish eat, but after entering the period of heat, I can change or not eat, which is how it happened, unfortunately, it does not eat meat and meat types. If not, he likes dry food and eats some brands’ wet food.

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