nice words

A List of Good Words About Information

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Knowledge is the greatest treasure, this treasure is so important that even in the Quran there are verses about knowledge. “Are those who know and those who don’t know one? (Surah Zumer, Verse 9) ”Therefore, we need to attach importance to knowledge. Words about knowledge.good words about information.

who is super heroes ?

Super Heroes So What Are The Real Names Of Super Heroes?

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What are the real names of super heroes? It is assumed that everyone has watched at least one movie or read a book of superheroes in their lifetime. If you are wondering about the real names of these heroes that decorate the imagination of children, here is the article.

Oatmeal – Benefits of Grocery Oats

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What are the benefits of oatmeal, ie the product in the bottom picture? How is the consumption pattern? How is its flavor? What are the reasons to eat oats? I will explain the answers to these questions below.

cute kitten

Playing with a Cute Kitten

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Hello, I played with our very cute kitten, it is very fun to tease him, he loves to play games. Playing with the cat makes you feel very comfortable. Do you want to play with cute kittens?

Tuna Benefits and Harm

Tuna Benefits and Harm

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Tuna Benefits and Harm This fish comes from the family of mackerel. It belongs to the tuna species of the family. The tuna fish, namely mackerel, is found in the Mediterranean and temperate oceans. It weighs an average of 60 kg and its length is around 1.5 meters.

beat music and rap music

About Beat Music and Rap

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Beat music is the music that plays in the background in rap songs. This music has to be rhythmic and includes bass and treble sounds. In rap songs, beats are more important than words, they need to add meaning to the song. Even if the words are not harmonious and beautiful, if the beat, the accent music playing in the background, is good, it covers the words. Therefore, the beat maker who prepares the beat music to be used in the song is very important as well as singing the rap song.beat music and rap

Genres of Music – General

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How many types of music are there in the world? Let’s examine and learn these music genres.Of course, music is the food of the soul. Everyone loves music, except for exceptions. Generally, we listen to music, even a little every day, some of us walk around with headphones integrated all day and cannot breathe without music.

hip hop music

What is Hip Hop Music Genre ?

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Hip-hop, a culture created by African American citizens in the 1970s, was not limited to only one field, but reflected and adopted its style in many areas such as dance and fashion. This culture, which has been adopted over time, has expanded to the present day.Hip hop music is good music.