About Beat Music and Rap

beat music and rap music

What is Rap Music?

Beat music is the music that plays in the background in rap songs. This music has to be rhythmic and includes bass and treble sounds. In rap songs, beats are more important than words, they need to add meaning to the song. Even if the words are not harmonious and beautiful, if the beat, the accent music playing in the background, is good, it covers the words. Therefore, the beat maker who prepares the beat music to be used in the song is very important as well as singing the rap song.beat music and rap

It should guide the Beat Mc, that is, the person who sings the rap. According to the singer, the beat is not written, on the contrary, the song is made according to the beat.

Beat music and Rap Terms

What is Diss?

By the way, what is Diss? Let me mention that too.

Diss, on the other hand, are specially made rap pieces to crush someone and humiliate them. Diss tracks usually contain swearing, but professional mc, rappers, can diss without swearing.

Beat music and rap

What is Freestyle? Devrap Champion Who?

Mc’s, that is, the person who sings the rap in the contest, in the form of a ready-made answer, improvising and mutually rap without memorization. Turkey in Devrap mutual competition is freestyle champion yapılmaktadır.so the Hydra.

What is Punch? Its Turkish is Panç.

Serr means coup. Hard curses in Rapte Diss or freestyle are punch.

What is Rhyme in Turkish Raym?

They are rhyming rap lyrics. Used in all rap tracks.

What is Fast Rap?

Faster read fast rap tracks from the rappers rap denir.türkiye fast speed limit in the Criminal, Allama, Hydra, bosses, etc. Manas Tankurt

What is Flow?

In a rap song, fluency and harmony with the rhythm means full harmony. Measure, emphasis and speed are very important in this harmony. Words should be at the appropriate speed to the restrained accent beate.

beat music and rap

Piano Beat

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